ménage à trois

for two saxophones and piano (2007)

(duration ca. 11-12 minutes)

composed for the Paris-based ensemble, Trio Saxiana

program note:

In the opening section of my composition, the musicians must negotiate a series of unusual and tricky passages without the benefit of a conductor, of meter signatures, or even (in some cases) of fixed endings.  Performers are called upon to negotiate on the fly such details as when a phrase will end, who will have its “last word,” and when the next phrase will begin.  As in any negotiation, one should expect disagreements as well as interesting (and potentially humorous) “debates” before all is settled.  Though much of this work (like most of my music) sounds decidedly American, perceptive listeners may notice the inclusion of French musical influences, as well.

This composition is a one-movement affair in three sections, with a long transition between first and second that strongly anticipates the second, but can’t seem to let go of the first.  There is no debating when we get to the fast final section, however — and the ending couldn’t be more conclusive.


piano score (27 pages; 11x15 page size)


saxophone score (21 pages; 11x15 page size)


The PDF’s above scale well for an iPad Pro, or similar device. Click on the contact link below to request information on additional formats available for performance materials.  

> recording by Trio Saxiana