for nonet (2006) -- fl, ob, sax, tbn, tba, perc, pno, vln, vc

(duration ca. 14 minutes)

program note:

Bushwhacked! is not the musical equivalent of a late-night TV comedy bit or an Internet phenomenon of the same name involving creatively edited audio and video clips.  In fact, it is not even really about George Bush, nor does he have a starring role. Instead this composition is about me — or more specifically about my current state of outrage and frustration.  In other words, it is a work of musical therapy. Thanks in part to a lot of smart and funny people who apparently feel the same way, I have managed to retain a sense of humor (which I hope will be obvious). I am also profoundly indebted to the venerable tradition of American blues artists (especially the late, great Ray Charles and legions of musicians from the multicultural New Orleans tradition) who have demonstrated time and again that when you channel your outrage and frustration into your music and share it with your audience, you may discover a way to dance all over your troubles ... at least for a while.


As a result of a national competition, this work was commissioned by the music honorary society, Pi Kappa Lambda, for a premiere performance on September 15th at their 2006 national conference, held jointly with the national conference of the College Music Society in San Antonio, Texas.

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Link to score (64 pages; 8.5x11 size)

Link to mp3 OU recording

Speech given to Pi Kappa Lambda


Alison Brown Sincoff, flute/piccolo

Donna Conaty, oboe

Matthew James, alto saxophone

Chris Hayes, trombone

Jason Smith, tuba

Roger Braun, percussion

André Gribou, piano

Marjorie Bagley, violin

Michael Carrera, electric cello