Deep Blue

for baritone saxophone (or other bass instrument) and electro-acoustic music (2013)

(duration ca. 6:00)

performance notes:

Sometimes a mood, an opening sound or gesture, simply takes over and derails the original plan for a composition. As I get older, I seem to find myself more willing to just get out of the way of this sort of derailment and simple document it. The title refers to the color and mood conjured up. It has nothing to do with the chess-playing IBM computer, but the live processing of the soloist does make heavy demands of the computational resources available on my Kyma system. When performed using a Kyma system, the entire accompaniment can be generated live, without prerecorded audio flies.


I enjoy playing this one myself on EWI with all-live Kyma processing.


> DeepBlueEb.pdf

> DeepBlue_ConcertPitch.pdf  (original key)

> DeepBlue_Tuba.pdf  (pitched down a minor 3rd)

> Link to video of my EWI performance at KISS 2016

> Audio recording of me performing on EWI

Click on contact link below to acquire a copy of a fixed media version of the accompaniment or to inquire about alternative parts for other instruments.