Violin Power

for violin and interactive media 

(duration ca. 6:46)

program note: 

Violin Power is composed for solo violin and interactive media. The accompaniment consists of three main components: 1) many layers of granular synthesis of the opening few measures of the violin solo; 2) nearly continuous doublings, distortions, and filtering of the solo line that mimic those used by many rock guitarists; 3) percussive outbursts and bass tones created from processing noise-based violin samples (tapping, bow scratching, etc.).



Violin Power Software

Live performance by Maria Sampen at the University of Puget Sound

Violin Power has been recorded by Nicole Paglialonga and commercially released on the CD entitled Music from SEAMUS 25, which is available from numerous sources.

Link to a live-performance video 

performed by Dawn Wohn at Electronic Music Midwest (EMM).


audio materials for performance:

Thank you for your interest in Violin Power.  You have unlimited access to this site for your downloading convenience.  You can download both files as often as you like onto any computer for the purpose of rehearsals and performances of this piece. I do request that you not share your access to this site with others. Please keep in touch. If you do perform Violin Power, I would appreciate knowing about. Send me a program, concert announcement, youtube posting, etc. I hope you enjoy learning and performing my music.  Thanks again.  =m.p.=

Links to Max-based software for Violin Power:

If you are a Windows user or a Mac user who already has access to Max or if you want the ability to customize the accompaniment software, you will want to download the following zipped folder. Once you unzip the folder, you will find a “Read Me” file in the folder that will explain how to proceed. 

Links to Max software:


Mac users with no interest in customization can instead simply download the stand-alone Mac applications below.

stand-alone Mac application for performance 

for use by both performers and/or technicians helping with a performance of Viola Power.

stand-alone Mac application for easy practice 

performers should definitely download this file for easy practice session at home or in a practice room.