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Breaking News

composed for Andrew Trachsel and the Ohio University Wind Symphony
to commemorate the centennial of the School of Music for performances in the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Hall and Carnegie Hall in February 2017.

Breaking News about Breaking News
Breaking News
has been awarded Honorable Mention as a Finalist in The American Prize in Composition, 2017-18, in band/wind ensemble divisions.

program note

Breaking News is my idiosyncratic reflection on our modern era of media fragmentation, citizen journalism, and crowd-sourced news; on the jarring, interrupting effect of headlines from all over the world intruding on our lives as we exercise our unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness; and on prominent rhythms and themes that have emerged from several big news stories of the past few years. Sometimes the connection is obvious, sometimes more oblique, and sometimes downright obscure, including rhythms derived from Morse code.


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