additional compositions

Sez Who? New work now available in the USA  (as of December 2009)

This work was commissioned by the French publisher Gérard Billaudot as the sole American contribution to a portfolio of six works for saxophone students.  The electro-acoustic accompaniment was entirely derived from a handful of source sounds recorded using a vintage 1927 Conn bass saxophone: key clicks, key pops, multiphonics, air rushing through the instrument, tapping on the instrument, etc.  I tried to capture the spirit of youthful rebellion suggested in the title by giving the saxophonist license to honk, growl, bend or smear pitches -- all things that a traditional classical teacher would ordinarily discourage.

The whole collection is now available in the US from Theodore Presser’s website It comes with a CD that has a complete performance of all 6 of the pieces in the collection, as well as a recorded accompaniment for each work.  But you can get a preview of the work here. (WARNING! ... it has a cheesy MIDI saxophone playing the melody!)

Works published by Lauren Keiser Music Publishing.

    Fire and Ice for string chamber orchestra

    Birds of a Feather for two flutes and piano

    One of a Kind for unaccompanied clarinet

    Shadow Dancing for chamber orchestra or large chamber ensemble

    Three of a Kind , a trio concerto for clarinet, piano, and percussion soloists

        (both orchestra & wind symphony versions are available)

    Rain Dance for flute and tape

    Shadow Play for flute, oboe and bassoon

    Time Traveler for cello, piano, percussion, & electronic music

    Sonic Landscapes for soprano saxophone and tape

    Sonic Landscapes for oboe and tape

    Blue 2 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

    Summer-soft for chamber orchestra

    Intrusus for orchestra

    Turning for orchestra

Works published by Dorn Publications, Inc., Medfield, Massachusetts

    Night Vision for saxophone and piano

T. Rex is published by the International Trombone Association and distributed by Southern Music. 

  1. A streaming audio recording of the work is available on-line here.

    (Scroll down until you see my name and the click on the link.)