Elegy and Honk

for English Horn and electro-acoustic music (2001)

(duration ca. 10 minutes)


Elegy and Honk, for English horn and electro-acoustic music, is (not surprisingly) a work in two highly contrasting movements. The entire accompaniment to the Elegy is derived from a few English horn sounds — short notes in various registers, some “airy” key clicks, and a whoosh of air rushing through the instrument without the reed in place. The dense clouds in the background actually come from a single very short English horn “blip” subjected to a process called granular synthesis, through which the original audio is exploded into tiny fragments. Each fragment is then stretched nearly to the breaking point and recombined into several layers of overlapping texture. The second movement employs an expanded palette of source material including a menagerie of geese and duck sounds, joined by an old-fashioned bicycle horn — Honk, indeed!  — M.P.

Link to score: Elegy_Honk.pdf (9 pages; formatted for 8.5 page size)
Link to audio content:  http://coolvillemusic.com/E&H_Audio/E&H_AudioContent.html